Naracoorte High School

‘Try a Trade’ Week

The ultimate trade experience at NHS!

During week 5 of this term, a group of Year 10 students had the opportunity to participate in a weeklong intensive trade workshop.

Students applied for the opportunity, and all 15 that applied were accepted into this fully funded week of training held right here at Naracoorte High School.

Thanks to the generosity of CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) students completed their White Card on the Monday. A white card (or general construction induction card) is required for workers who want to carry out construction work. People who need a white card include site managers, supervisors, surveyors, labourers, and tradespeople.

On the Tuesday they tried their hands at Bricklaying – each student created their own structure learning the techniques and knowledge involved if they wanted to pursue a career in this field in the future.

Wednesday was tiling day where students had to measure, cut and apply tiles to make a specific pattern and explore the basics of this career pathway.

Thursday was all about Plumbing where students learnt how to join pipes and create plumbing systems before testing for water proofing.

Friday concluded with Carpentry where students measured, cut and constructed their sample tasks. Thanks to TAFE SA for providing the staff to deliver the training for our students so they can make more informed decisions in the future about their career pathways.

Students became clearer as the week went on as to whether a trade was something they wanted to pursue in the future, and if so what area they may find out further information about.

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