Naracoorte High School

State Hockey Finalists

Naracoorte High takes third place at the Statewide School Hockey Finals!

Our senior hockey team travelled to Adelaide on Monday afternoon to prepare for a massive day of hockey on Tuesday. Carb loading the night before looked like an ‘all you could eat’ buffet at the Watermark Hotel. Our team woke up feeling enthusiastic and keen to show some well known opposition how much they’d improved over the past year.
Leadership from the captain Amelie Nancarrow, along with other seniors such as Henry Boord and Will Ellis, showed support and guidence to the younger players ensuring they felt confident on the field. 

The team combined well to have strong wins against Brighton and St Marks, scoring multiple goals throughout each game.

In a fiery match against Trinity, the team defended and attacked strongly holding their ground against a skilled and physical opposition. We were unlucky not to convert our shots, losing by a couple of goals.

Heartened by their performance we started strongly against Pembroke, linking well through the midfield to score through Will Ellis. We went into half time a goal up. With injuries and a draw that didn’t provide us the needed break, our tired legs couldn’t hold back the wave of state players from the opposition. We lost 2-1 to finish in 3rd place.

Shout out goes to all the middle school hockey players who stepped up to play in the open grade, against big opposition players. These players more than held their own while really having a crack!

Congratulations to Naracoorte who came third in the competition. They should all be proud of their continuing efforts throughout the day. You’ll get them next year!

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