Naracoorte High School

Senior Mixed Hockey Success!

On Tuesday we took a team from the High School to compete in the Year 10-12 Mixed Hockey against Tenison Woods College and St Martins College.

We started the first game against St Martins quite strong and defensive, as we were unsure of how they were going to look. Once we scored our first goal there was no stopping us. The whole team worked well together passing the ball around and making great position. The direction from the midfield was so strong and St Martins was unable to stop the drive our team had. The game ended in a 9-0 win.

After a short break we took to the field against Tension College, they had a very strong defence with work coming through their centre. Naracoorte was able to read the play on this and block them with the strong passing from the back and midfield. Some great work up in the forward line lead to a result of 4-0.

Over the day the work from these players was lovely to watch and their team work together is what made them unbeatable. Our team has now progressed through to the finals in Adelaide in Week 7.

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