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The Naracoorte High School Sports Day was held on Thursday 7th March. With a week of ridiculously hot weather in the lead up to Sports Day, many schools in the South East had to cancel and reschedule, putting the House Captains and PE staff under the pump. House Captains and PE staff worked really hard this year, adding three extra novelty team events into the program to encourage as many students as possible to be involved. Students helping out on events were also able to earn House points.
Staff and House Captains started Sports Day at 6am, dark and freezing, but what turned out to be the most perfect weather conditions we could have asked for. Plenty of atmosphere, plenty of athletes, plenty of crazy costumes, plenty of fun! Many students put in outstanding efforts, resulting in many closely contested events and records broken.
Thank you to those parents who helped out on events as well as those parents and grandparents who came to support their children/grandchildren. Also thank you to the ribbon presenters throughout the day and continued support from our trophy sponsors. Lastly thank you to the House Captains from the PE staff, your efforts definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

A word from the House Captains:
“Naracoorte High School’s 2019 Sports Day was an absolutely fabulous day with the new novelty events allowing all students to be involved. It was great to see every student giving it their best efforts! Well done to Flynn for getting the win!”
Ashlea O’Shaughnessy

“Sports Day 2019 had a great turn out with the addition of three new novelty events. It was a great way to create a team environment and ensure maximum involvement. We would like to congratulate everyone who earned points, whether it was through participating in an event or volunteering their time to help out. It was great to see everyone get behind their team and support each other”
Amy Romer, Zaneesha Meyers and Jeffrey Stewart

It was great to see a Sports Day where all teams and students could get together for a day of friendly competition and a tonne of fun. It was good to see students from all age groups participating and encouraging each other in both athletic and novelty events. With many people trying to break previous records, there were a total of four broken. Hopefully we continue with improvements to Naracoorte High School’s Sports Carnival in the future!

(Photos courtesy of Kari Thomas and the IPP students, Chris Heddles and Michele Moyle-Read)

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