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Year 11 student, Cleoni Trussell is amongst one of 65 Secondary school students from South Australia awarded a Department of Education scholarship worth $10,000. This money will support her commitment to continue her Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

The STEM Scholarships program was created to encourage underrepresented students from South Australian State schools to pursue STEM related career opportunities and achieve their best possible ATAR through targeted financial support.

The Scholarship money will be used to cover the costs of tutors, laptops, textbooks, revision guides and excursions or any other strategy that directly supports the student to achieve in their chosen STEM subjects and pathways.

Successful students of the scholarship are expected to participate in activities that support career awareness in STEM and dispositions for STEM learning. Cleoni and her mentor and Science teacher, Ms Sarah Edwards attended an induction to the program in Adelaide last week where they focused on specific STEM activities and relationship building at Adelaide University. “I am starting to make connections between what I am learning in Science class and my everyday life. I enjoy understanding how and why things happen in my life with scientific reasoning” Cleoni said. “I feel privileged to be offered this scholarship and I believe it will open up more opportunities to me in the future”.

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