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As part of Volunteer Week and their Stage 1 (Year 11) Integrated studies ‘Building Bridges” programme, students from the Independent Learning Centre connected with a Longridge resident “buddy” for a chat and a “cuppa”, last week.

Teacher Mandi Brown created a unit of work with Jenny McEachern (Lifestyle Coordinator) and Director of Care, Liz Broadstock so students could interact and build a positive relationship with a Resident from another generation.
“Our aim at ILC is to build positive connections with Community. We want to encourage our students to step slightly beyond their comfort zone to experience the benefits of building key relationships they may not normally have the opportunity to do.” Mandi explained. “Volunteer Week was the perfect time to kick start this!”

Students had prepared questions to guide their conversations but this quickly relaxed into natural discussion as the two parties got to know each other. The room was soon abuzz with animated conversations ranging form students discovering what life was like during World War 2 to explanations of mobile phones.

“It certainly was a rewarding way to explore the theme of Volunteer week – “Give a Little. Change a Lot.”” Jenny  added.

The students will continue to visit residents over the next few weeks and hope to create a collection of Memoirs to celebrate the connections they make at Longridge.


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